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Turlock Trenchless Pipe bursting

Understanding Turlock trenchless pipe bursting for your home and business.

When you need sewer line repair and replacement, Tony’s Plumbing is proud to offer cutting-edge Turlock trenchless pipe bursting services. Say goodbye to the days of extensive digging to repair your sewer lines. With trenchless pipe bursting, we bring you a non-invasive solution that offers various benefits, including significant time and cost savings.

Conventional sewer repair involves digging large trenches to access underground pipes. This method is effective but often leaves behind unsightly damage and property disruption for homeowners. Thankfully, trenchless technology has transformed the landscape of sewer repairs, eliminating the need for such destructive measures. Learn more or schedule a service by calling (209) 301-8620 today!

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Our highly skilled plumbers have the expertise and tools to handle trenchless pipe bursting in Turlock. While other companies rely on old-fashioned sewer repair methods, we offer this innovative method for your convenience. This quick and efficient process saves our clients from the time and expenses of traditional sewer repair. In addition, it prevents needless digging that can cause significant disruption. So if you want to avoid unnecessary damage to your property and landscaping, consider trenchless pipe bursting from Tony’s Plumbing. Here’s a breakdown of how trenchless sewer repair works:


Initial pit

To reach your sewer lines, we dig a small hole near the damaged pipe, avoiding the need to dig large trenches.

Bursting rod placement

Our plumber carefully inserts a specialized bursting rod into the pit.

Pipe bursting

We pull the bursting rod through the existing pipe, breaking it apart.

New pipe installation

As the old pipe bursts open, it creates space for the new pipe, which we simultaneously pull behind the bursting rod.

Guided placement

We guide the new pipe into its designated position.

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With years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a customer-centric approach, Tony’s Plumbing is the trusted choice for trenchless pipe bursting. Our knowledgeable team ensures successful projects for every job. We always adhere to local regulations, meeting safety requirements and building codes. By prioritizing efficient service and your satisfaction, we provide peace of mind knowing that your sewer repair needs are in capable hands. So contact us soon and experience why we are the top choice for exceptional plumbing services.



Opting for a trenchless pipe bursting service in Turlock offers several advantages.At Tony’s Plumbing, we want to help you experience the various benefits of trenchless pipe bursting. While traditional sewer repair remains a common choice, this alternative method can save you significant time and money. So when you experience sewer problems at your home or business, contact our team for trenchless solutions. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  • Cost Savings: Trenchless repairs can save money by reducing the need for extensive excavation and subsequent property restoration.
  • Minimal Property Damage: Say goodbye to ruined yards, driveways, and landscapes. Trenchless technology ensures minimal disruption to your property.
  • Time Efficiency: With faster repair times, trenchless pipe bursting minimizes inconvenience and restores your sewer system promptly.



A Turlock trenchless pipe bursting service can address various sewer system issues. However, when is the right time to schedule a service? Detecting sewer line issues is crucial to preventing further damage. So be aware of the signs you may need trenchless pipe bursting:

  • Frequent sewer backups or slow drains
  • Persistent foul odors from drains or yard
  • Soggy, sunken areas or excessive growth in the yard
  • Multiple plumbing issues occurring simultaneously
  • Aging sewer pipes
  • Tree root intrusions into the sewer line
  • Visible pipe damage, such as cracks or corrosion


Sometimes, the above problems may only require a quick repair or drain cleaning. However, scheduling an inspection is crucial to determine the exact cause and solution to your sewer issues. So, whether your plumbing system requires a trenchless pipe bursting or other services, call the experts at Tony’s Plumbing.



Determining the best solution for your property’s sewer line issues involves several considerations. While trenchless pipe bursting is highly effective, other methods may work more efficiently on your plumbing system. For example, our plumbers can perform another sewer repair technique called trenchless pipe lining. This method uses an epoxy-coated liner to create a new pipe within your existing one. Pipe lining can minimize costs since we do not have to replace the whole sewer line.


In other cases, specific issues or incompatible pipe materials may require alternative methods like spot repairs or traditional excavation. We’ll consider factors such as your sewer line’s overall condition, the existing pipe material, accessibility, and budget. To ensure an accurate assessment, consult our professional plumbing experts at Tony’s Plumbing. Our experienced team can evaluate your situation and recommend the best solution.

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We are known and respected for our residential and commercial plumbing solutions, but we are also known and respected for our strong work ethic, industry knowledge, honest pricing, and so much more. Proud to be family-owned and operated with an ever-growing team, we’re even prouder to be a part of this Turlock community for 30 years and counting. Whether you need full commercial re-pipes, trenchless sewer repair and replacement, or underground repairs, there’s no project too hairy for the Bear.

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