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Providing residential and commercial services for Modesto water heaters.

If you’re not getting any hot water at your home or place of business, it’s time for you to call Tony’s Plumbing. Our team offers a wide array of residential and commercial services for your Modesto water heaters. From troubleshooting to full-scale repairs to new water heater installation, our team of professional, licensed plumbers has everything needed to carry out successful plumbing jobs. Furthermore, we can even help you find a new water heater that will meet your needs and save you money on your monthly utility costs. Trust our twenty years of Better Business Bureau accreditation and A+ accreditation, we’re the team that can help with Modesto water heaters.

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If your water heater is giving you trouble, the first thing you’re probably thinking of is cost. How much will it cost to repair the water heater? Is it better to simply replace it in the long run? The answer depends on a few factors. While technicians can repair some water heater problems effectively, others are not so simple to address. You may need to replace your water heater if it’s experiencing significant issues—and this may be the more cost-effective option. In some cases, our Modesto water heater replacement services can actually save you money over old or outdated water heaters. This savings results from reducing the amount you spend every month on utilities.

Here’s how you can determine whether you need a Modesto water heater replacement:


An old water heater doesn’t always seem like a huge deal until you realize you are taking an ice bath. Your water heater is always working to make sure that your home has hot water every day throughout the year. With the amount of stress your water heater endures, it shouldn’t be a surprise that your water heater will break down at some point. Before that happens, call Tony’s Plumbing for water heater repair in Modesto.

Strange noises come from tank

A water heater problem caused by sediment buildup in the tank, the symptom can sound like “popping” or rumbling noises coming from the tank. However, technicians can address the issues with routine water heater maintenance. Regularly flushing your water heater will help keep it in tip-top shape and prevent premature failure.

leaking water

With an older water heater, the structure of the water heater can weaken and lead to leaks, which then leads to water pooling around the bottom of the tank. This leaking could lead to corrosion that eats into the outer parts of the tank. Soon this corrosion could work its way to the inside of the water heater.

Discolored water

When you notice that your water is coming out of the showerhead or bathtub faucet with a brownish rust color, it could be due to your water heater. Ask our professional Modesto water heater repair team to come out and see if they can clean the sedimentation from the water heater.

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We are known and respected for our residential and commercial plumbing solutions, but we are also known and respected for our strong work ethic, industry knowledge, honest pricing, and so much more. Proud to be family-owned and operated with an ever-growing team, we’re even prouder to be a part of this Modesto community for 30 years and counting. Whether you need full commercial re-pipes, trenchless sewer repair and replacement, or underground repairs, there’s no project too hairy for the Bear.

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With 30 years of experience and numerous 5-star reviews, Tony’s Plumbing is ready to tackle all the service needs of your water heaters in Modesto. In addition to our water heater services, we also provide expert drain cleaning services! We stand behind our work with a one-year craftsmanship warranty because we are committed to your complete satisfaction.

For reliable and cost-effective water heater repair or replacement in Modesto, contact Tony’s Plumbing at (209) 301-8620 today!

“They were very friendly and could answer all my questions. It took a lot of work to replace the water heater but they did it the same day. I would definitely use them again.”

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