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State-of-the-art pipe bursting services in Ceres.

If you need underground pipe repair or replacement, consider Ceres trenchless pipe bursting with Tony’s Plumbing. This method allows us to perform sewer repair and replacement without requiring traditional excavation techniques, such as trench digging. As a result, pipe bursting saves time and money while minimizing property disruption. Many clients choose our affordable Ceres trenchless pipe bursting service for these reasons. So, if you want to prevent plumbers from making a mess at your property, call us to work with our pipe-bursting experts!

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Trenchless pipe bursting in Ceres can be complex without specialized equipment and training. So, it’s best left to professionals with the knowledge and experience to repair or replace your underground pipes. Our specialists will accurately assess the condition of your lines and determine the appropriate pipe bursting method. Otherwise, attempting trenchless pipe bursting on your own or with amateurs can be dangerous and damage your property. Here’s a step-by-step look at the process:

Assess the pipes

The first step in this process is to determine the condition of your pipes that need repair or replacement, including the type, size, or any damage and blockages present.

create access points

We create access points by digging at both ends of the pipes that need service. These access points allow us to insert a new pipe liner in your system.

Attach the bursting head

The bursting head, a specialized tool, is attached to the end of a pipe liner. We use it to break up the old pipe and push the new one behind it as it passes through.

Insert the new pipe

Our plumber pulls the bursting head and new liner through your old one, breaking it up and pushing the fragments into the surrounding soil. As a result, the new pipe effectively replaces your old one.

Seal the access points

Finally, we seal the access points and restore your area to its original condition.

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A Ceres trenchless pipe bursting service is a quick and effective way to fix broken sewer lines. This cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional pipe repairs may be the best solution for your sewer lines. Let’s talk.


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When your sewer system gives you trouble, don’t hesitate to call Tony’s Plumbing for Ceres trenchless pipe bursting. We also provide sewer inspections, cleanings, and trenchless pipe-lining services to address your sewer issues. So, no matter the problem, you can depend on our wide array of sewer services for your needs.

Sewer backups, clogs, and broken lines can involve messy repair work, but we make it look easy at Tony’s Plumbing. And with competitive rates supported by our one-year warranty, you can rest assured knowing we’re the best option in the area. So contact us now to book a trenchless pipe bursting appointment today!

“5 stars. My hot water heater went out and Tony’s Plumbing came out same day to service. My plumber (Robin) was amazing.”

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