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What does a Ceres repipe involve?

A Ceres repipe replaces the existing plumbing pipes in your home or building. We start this process with a thorough inspection of your current system, assessing the condition and layout of your plumbing. Then, we locate and remove the old pipes, which we can also upgrade with various materials. For example, a Ceres copper repipe is a popular choice among our clients for its durability and resistance to corrosion. But you can also choose other high-quality piping that fits your budget, such as PEX or PVC pipes.

At Tony’s Plumbing, we understand that a Ceres repiping project can intimidate many homeowners and businesses. However, a repipe is necessary to address many plumbing problems, especially if you have outdated pipes. So whether you need a couple of water lines replaced at home or a large-scale repiping at your commercial property, our experienced plumbers can help. In addition, we provide fair, transparent pricing and can tailor our services to your repiping needs.

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A lot of time and effort goes into designing plumbing systems, and you can generally expect years of use with only the occasional problem from time to time. However, all plumbing pipes age and deteriorate at some point, requiring professional repipe specialists in Ceres to replace them. It’s the right time to call our Ceres repiping specialists if you notice the following plumbing problems at your home or business:

Consistently low water pressure

Rusty or discolored water

Water leaks from your walls, floors, or ceilings

Strange pipe noises, like whistling, banging, or gurgling

Owning pipes older than 30 years

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Many of these signs of issues are due to corroded pipes that need replacement, but they also occur for other reasons that may not require repiping. To determine the best, most cost-effective solution to your plumbing, schedule an assessment with our professionals.


We are known and respected for our residential and commercial plumbing solutions, but we are also known and respected for our strong work ethic, industry knowledge, honest pricing, and so much more. Proud to be family-owned and operated with an ever-growing team, we’re even prouder to be a part of this Ceres community for 30 years and counting. Whether you need full commercial re-pipes, trenchless sewer repair and replacement, or underground repairs, there’s no project too hairy for the Bear.

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Many older homes use galvanized pipes in their plumbing systems. Galvanized pipes are made of steel and coated with a layer of zinc to prevent damage. However, the zinc coating can wear off over time, leaving the steel pipes vulnerable to rust and corrosion. As a result, they can cause leaks that damage your home and increase the risk of mold growth. Additionally, corrosion and rust can clog your pipes, reducing water flow and making it harder to use your plumbing fixtures.

Galvanized steel pipes typically last 50-70 years, but poor installation and wear and tear can bring that down to 30-40 years. If your galvanized plumbing still has some years left, you may want to consider replacing them anyway to avoid the dangers of corroded pipes. So, call us at (209) 301-8620 today if you need galvanized pipe replacement in Ceres.


The cost of a Ceres whole-house repipe varies depending on several factors, such as the size of the home, the type of piping material, location, and the job’s complexity. Depending on these factors, a whole-house repipe can cost between $3,000 and $15,000.

For example, a smaller home with easily accessible pipes and a straightforward layout will likely cost less, while a larger house with more complex plumbing and difficult access will cost more. Piping material also plays a role, with copper pipes generally more expensive than PEX or PVC pipes. A whole-house repipe in Ceres is a significant investment, but you can trust our reputable plumbers to quote you a fair price.

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A Ceres repiping project requires the help of a plumbing company you can trust, and there’s no better provider than Tony’s Plumbing. As local plumbers with years of experience, we provide reliable, personalized service that ensures long-lasting results for every repipe job. In addition, we work safely and according to local codes and regulations, so you can feel confident when we repipe your home or business.

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