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It’s fun to plan and design a new addition to your home, but less so to have to think about logistics. Choosing drapes and wallpaper is hard enough without worrying about the wiring or plumbing of the room, so why not let professionals deal with the details? When it comes to adding a new bathroom or plumbing fixture to your home, trust the Stockton remodeling experts at Tony’s Plumbing to get things done right. Whether you’re adding a new kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, our team can help you through the process to make your remodel a success. With us on your side, you can let your imagination run wild, and we’ll take care of turning your dreams into reality.

Our team has provided the Central Valley with the best plumbing services available for 30 years. Over the years, we’ve earned ourselves a reputation for being the most reliable plumbing company in Stockton and beyond. As a result, we’ve gained our customer’s respect, many of whom love to share their favorite experiences on Yelp. With that kind of support, you can trust that we perform the best work possible for your remodeling in Stockton. So contact us at (209) 301-8620 today to get started on your home remodel.

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If all you’re adding to your home is a small shed, chances are you can handle this addition by yourself. However, suppose your Stockton remodeling work aims to add a whole new room to your home. In that case, you’ll probably need the help of a number of experts to ensure the quality and safety of this space.

Aside from carpenters, painters, and electricians, you might also need the help of professional plumbers if you plan on adding running water to the accommodations. It might even be a good idea to hire a plumber before starting your remodeling in Stockton to check for any conflicts with your existing plumbing system and your plans. Whatever your end goal may be, you can be sure that Tony’s Plumbing’s trained experts can help you get your desired results.

Remodels and home additions can significantly improve the value of your property. Updating or installing new plumbing systems can not only make your everyday life more convenient but new pipes and fixtures can ensure your remodel is a success. It’s also important to check your drains for any repiping or drain cleaning they may need to avoid problems down the road. From rerouting your existing systems to bringing water to a new room, trust an experienced plumber from Tony’s Plumbing to help.


When it comes to commercial remodeling, chances are you’ll need more than a sink installation. As commercial buildings can host several different businesses during their lifetime, their needs can vastly change over time. Thankfully, Tony’s Plumbing can help you change that old hardware store into the restaurant of your dreams. We have everything you need to transform a space into your ideal workshop, from kitchen plumbing to commercial toilet installations. Our Stockton commercial plumbing remodeling team can even take your plans, assess them, and provide you with updated blueprints based on their knowledge of the area and the building’s initial plumbing!

Of course, not every Stockton commercial plumbing remodel requires extensive work. Tony’s Plumbing is also happy to help you with smaller jobs that may only require remodeling a few fixtures. No Stockton commercial plumbing remodel is too small or large for us! Our plumbers are dedicated to your remodel, from upgrading your pipes to incorporating new employee restrooms or adding drinking fountains. We work efficiently to minimize disruption to your commercial property. We will always be upfront and honest about our services to give you peace of mind.

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Stockton has long relied on Tony’s Plumbing for its plumbing jobs. As such, we’ve come to learn how to accommodate the various demands of our Stockton home remodeling clients. No matter what the job entails, you can feel confident knowing that you hired the team with a solution for every task, including adding new fixtures, replacing failing or broken fixtures, remodeling existing fixtures, adding low-flow efficient systems and installing new water flow lines. These services all cover several common plumbing fixtures such as sinks, faucets, refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, toilets, showers and more!

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Tony’s Plumbing has everything you need to make sure your next Stockton remodel goes off without a hitch, from sinks to freezers and toilets. So, before you consider adding new space to your home or refreshing a current one, make sure you contact us for an inspection. We’ll make sure your lines are in good shape and even help you revise any plans that conflict with existing plumbing infrastructure. No matter whether you’re remodeling a single-story home or a multilevel commercial building, we have all the know-how and equipment you need to get the job done right.

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